Frame Straightening

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When your vehicle’s frame is damaged, it can bring a lot of problems.

On top of any cosmetic issues, if your vehicle’s frame is off-kilter, it can mean reduced performance and other issues that could leave you stranded on the side of the road.

At In-N-Out Collision Center, our North Hollywood shop has all the solutions you need. From frame straightening to our other services, we can make sure your vehicle is in good shape so you can keep moving. Come in today for a free estimate, or contact us here to set up an appointment.


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Why Would Your Vehicle’s Frame Need Straightening in North Hollywood?

Being in a car accident–usually involving one or more collisions–is just one of the reasons your vehicle’s frame would need repair and straightening. In North Hollywood, as in other places, there’s a variety of different ways your vehicle’s frame could be damaged and need straightening. Some of the most common include:

  • Poor road conditions – If you frequently drive on rough terrain or poor roadways in North Hollywood’s surrounding areas, your vehicle’s frame can undergo stress and misalignment over time.
  • Wear and tear – Over time, continuous use, and exposure to various road conditions, a vehicle’s frame can experience wear and tear, leading to alignment issues. This is not specific to North Hollywood but can happen anywhere.
  • Structural damage – Sometimes, structural damage occurs due to rust or corrosion. North Hollywood’s location and weather, with its heat and high humidity, can sometimes cause frame issues with your vehicle.
  • Defective parts or manufacturing – In some cases, vehicles may have manufacturing defects that result in frame misalignment. This is not location-specific but can affect cars in any area.

Whatever frame issues your vehicle is having, our North Hollywood shop is well-equipped with the parts and staff to handle anything you may need. With our tried-and-true method, we have helped our customers get back on the road with confidence.

How Does Our Frame-Straightening Process Work?

No matter what type of vehicle you have, the frame is extremely important to its overall function. A properly-aligned frame makes sure your vehicle:

  • Stays strong and secure. If there’s a crash, it helps absorb and spread the impact, safeguarding you and your passengers inside.
  • Gives you better control, safer braking, and a smoother drive.
  • Keeps tires lasting longer and saves money.
  • Moves smoothly, usually saving on fuel.
  • Could make your vehicle more appealing to buyers and can fetch a better price.
  • Has a positive impact on your insurance rates.
  • Has a more comfortable ride. Bent frames can lead to discomfort like vibrations and pulling to one side for you and your passengers.

Because it’s so important to your vehicle’s overall performance, we take a great deal of pride in our frame-straightening service. Our method includes the following steps to make sure your vehicle works as well as possible:

  • Assessment – The first step is a thorough inspection of the damaged vehicle’s frame. Our technicians use specialized equipment to assess the extent of the damage and identify areas that require correction.
  • Securing the vehicle – From there, we’ll securely mount your vehicle on a frame machine or a specialized repair bench. This equipment allows for precise control of the straightening process.
  • Computerized measurements – The next step in our process assess the frame’s alignment and identify deviations from the manufacturer’s specifications using our computerized measuring system.
  • Pulling and aligning – Using hydraulic and mechanical tools, our technicians carefully pull and align the damaged areas of the frame. This process requires precise calculations and controlled force to ensure that the frame is restored to its original shape.
  • Welding and reinforcement – In some cases, welding may be necessary to repair sections of the frame that cannot be straightened. Reinforcement plates or brackets may also be added to strengthen compromised areas.
  • Quality checks – After the frame straightening is complete, a thorough quality check is conducted. We re-measure the frame to ensure it matches the manufacturer’s specifications and conduct additional inspections to ensure structural integrity.
  • Body panel repairs – Once the frame is straightened, body panels and other components that were damaged in the collision can be repaired or replaced.
  • Paint and finish – After all structural and body repairs are completed, the vehicle is prepared for painting and refinishing to restore its appearance.
  • Test drive and final inspection – Before returning the vehicle to the owner, we’ll perform a test drive to make sure that it is handled correctly. Then, we’ll do a final inspection to make sure that all repairs meet safety and quality standards.

Remember, we take a personalized approach to each customer’s needs. Rest assured, when you come in for your free estimate, we’ll take a close look at your vehicle and tell you exactly what needs to be done. From there, you can put your trust in our experienced team of professionals.

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